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Program Assistant

Program Assistant

The Program Assistant is a full-time or part-time overnight staff position at Mapletree.  The Program  Assistant is awake at night and responsible for covering one to four overnight shifts each week (10-40 hours).  Shifts are typically 10 hours and can be the same night(s) each week.  Program Assistants may swap shifts to accommodate personal needs, with approval from a supervisor.  Shifts typically begin while the boys are still up and active, to allow overnight staff a chance to interact and make a connection with the boys.  Each shift begins with a fill-in from the daytime staff.  Some of the responsibilities during the night shift:

  • Make sure that all the boys are home, accounted for, and that the house is safe and quiet
  • Periodic resident checks, per policy and schedule; check of surrounding property (outdoors)
  • Help with daily logs and record resident’s progress
  • Scan, copy and file reports, write and prepare various documents
  • Help with certain household chores and maintenance; light cleaning, some laundry, etc.
  • Occasionally prepare breakfast in the morning
  • Make sure residents are awake and up at their scheduled times in the morning
  • Ensure that health care concerns are addressed; dispense medication when necessary
  • Respond appropriately to any emergency situations
  • Contact on-call staff for support, as required or as needed
  • Fill-in daytime staff coming on duty in the morning
  • Help to make sure residents start their day well

This position is compatible with students that are interested in working part time while going to school. The Program Assistant should have ample time during night shifts to fulfill program responsibilities and still have time for studies.  Mapletree staff have access to cable TV and high-speed Internet.

Successful candidates for a Program Assistant position will have some college experience, and some experience working with youth.  A high level of reliability and sense of responsibility is essential.  All Mapletree staff must be able to pass background checks conducted by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), and cooperate with drug screens.

Experienced Program Assistants are eligible to fill daytime shifts and could be considered for future openings for an Adolescent Counselor position.  Starting pay for Program Assistants is $14-16/hour.

Resumes may be emailed to