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Adolescent Counselor

The Adolescent Counselor may be full or part time and is responsible for day-to-day general supervision of residents and all program areas.  General responsibilities include the development and implementation of program goals, and to promote and facilitate the individual placement goals of each resident.  This position requires close cooperation with all other staff. Typical scheduled shifts are between six and ten hours, starting as early as 8 am and running as late as midnight.  Due to the residential nature of this program, staff are needed days, evenings, weekends and holidays.  Overnights are generally covered by other staff positions.  Workweeks may extend beyond 40 hours, for such activities as recreational events, group outings, camping trips, conferences, weekend outings, holiday activities, summer vacation trips, etc.  This position requires experience and a four-year college degree, preferably in the human services, and may include employee benefits.

General job responsibilities include:

  • Provide general, direct supervision to the residents of the group home, on a flexible full-time work schedule.
  • Take referrals, and participate in admission and discharge decisions for each resident.
  • Participate in treatment planning and goal setting for each new resident, and subsequent review meetings.
  • Work with other group home staff and the (child’s) placement team members to help each resident to maximize achievement of program and treatment goals.
  • Maintain a safe vehicle, with proper insurance, and transport kids to appointments, as necessary.  Attend court reviews and/or county staffings, as necessary.
  • Co-facilitate the independent living and social skills groups, and participate in therapy groups.
  • Facilitate the formal educational achievement of each resident, participate in educational/school meetings as necessary, monitor school progress, and assist with homework.
  • Participate in Group home staff meetings.  Consult with the Director (or appropriate group home staff member), as needed, and regarding any unusual incidents.
  • Maintain a log on each resident, noting progress, deficiencies, and incidents.
  • Document professional education and complete a CPR-First Aid course within three months of employment.
  • Participate in the promotion of the Group home, and perform other job responsibilities related to managing a well-run group home, as indicated by the Director.
  • Maintain a high moral and ethical responsibility to the residents, and a business-like relationship with referring and collateral organizations, professionals, or other individuals.  Periodically cooperate with a character/law enforcement study to determine suitability for continued employment at Mapletree or other child-caring facilities.

Successful candidates for an Adolescent Counselor position will have a college degree, and some experience working with youth.  A high level of reliability and sense of responsibility is essential.  All Mapletree staff must be able to pass background checks conducted by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), and cooperate with drug screens.

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