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Employee Benefits

Some full time Adolescent Counselors and Case Managers are eligible for employee benefits*.  Full time is generally 40 hours per week.  Part time Adolescent Counselors and Case Managers are eligible for partial benefits.  Mapletree offers our staff a great compensation package, including:

  • Competitive salary
  • 80 hours Annual Paid Personal Leave for full time (40 hours) staff
  • Health Insurance – fully or partially paid for individual employees
  • Professional Liability Insurance as part of Mapletree
  • Participation in recreation and travel experiences
  • Use of the Maplewood Community Center while on duty
  • AAA Basic Membership
  • Access to Costco or Sam’s Club, if Mapletree has a membership
  • Use of the Mapletree wilderness Kettle River retreat center
  • Meals and use of laundry facilities while on duty
  • Mileage reimbursement at the federal IRS rate
  • Professional development includes supervision and job reviews, staff retreats, in-service training, workshops, conferences, supervision for professional licensure, and many opportunities to interact with probation officers, mental health professionals, social workers, guidance counselors, teachers, school administrators, law enforcement, attorneys, judges, and other professionals in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems.

*Salary and benefits for full time and part time staff vary depending on position and contract.

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