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Jaquon Jackson — October 2013

Dear John Brandt / Mapletree Staff,

I am going to start this letter out with you were right. I should hae listened to what you guys were saying because if I did I would not be right here in this situation right now.

As you can see on the envelope, I am right in JSC as I write this.

I have been here 181 days for the stupid decision I made to run away to Canada with Alex, and so now I am facing the consequences for doing it, and I wish I never done it at all.

So now I am sitting here waiting til November 14th so I can be free and have my own place that is getting set up within the last couple of weeks I have left with the mental health people. There was a civil commitment thing brought up but they dropped it so now I am fine.

I would also like to thank you guys for the help you gave me.

Yours truly,

Jaquon Jackson

ps — Tell Rico and Gilmore I said hi.

pss — and Connor, Cameo, Jesse, Justin, Adam, Courtney, Kyle, and Darian