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Prospective Residents

Boys are typically referred to Mapletree by county probation officers or social workers. Because most boys are on juvenile probation or involved with county social services, sometimes a placement at Mapletree follows a residential treatment center or a correctional program. Mapletree also accepts inquiries from mental health professionals, guardians ad litem, court dispositional advisors, attorneys, or concerned parents. When kids are referred and accepted for placement they are typically court-ordered to Mapletree, either through juvenile corrections or under a CHIPS petition.

Mapletree can accept kids from counties throughout Minnesota, and from outside Minnesota through the Interstate Compact. Funding for placement of kids at Mapletree is contracted with the placing county, on a fee-for-service (per diem) basis.

Because of the highly individual needs and differences between residents, each resident has an individualized placement plan and length of placement. Typically guys are at Mapletree for six to 18 months, or longer. Referrals are not accepted for placements shorter than three months. Most of the kids placed at Mapletree meet their goals of placement, and graduate from the program successfully. Many of the boys that have lived at Mapletree in past years continue to keep in touch with the staff.