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What Kinds Of Kids Do We Work With?

Mapletree accepts referrals for boys who are 16-20 years of age. All of the boys at Mapletree are on probation, under the supervision of a Minnesota juvenile court, or county social services. Most of the boys have been adjudicated on a delinquency petition. Some of the boys are dealing with mental health issues, including ADHD, chemical dependency, depression, conduct or anxiety disorders, sexual behaviors, and emotional disturbances. Mapletree has some limitations in our ability to work with kids who have significant physical disabilities, mental illness, or intellectual disabilities.

Most of the boys at Mapletree have had problems living at home and have not been very successful in school. Many have had difficulty with drugs, and some have been through treatment. Most have also been in out-of-home placements including foster care, shelter programs, residential treatment centers, or correctional facilities. Often Mapletree is either the last opportunity for boys to stay out of a more secure correctional placement, or their first opportunity to re-enter the community after successfully completing a correctional placement or treatment program.

Typically, kids at Mapletree are unable to return to live with a parent, and because of their offense history or other issues are not good candidates for traditional foster care. At ages 16 to 20, most of our boys are not looking for a foster family. Usually they just want support to finish their education, build some job skills, save some money, finish growing up, and prepare for independent living.