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Transitional Services

Mapletree provides transitional services for all residents but a few have the opportunity to live in a small, fully furnished two-bedroom apartment adjacent to the group home.  The Mapleaf was added to Mapletree in 1997 to facilitate the transition to independent living.  Mapleaf residents continue to be part of Mapletree, but have more privileges, freedoms, expectations, and responsibilities than the other guys at Mapletree.  Residents must be at least 18 to be considered for the Mapleaf, and remain age-eligible until they turn 21.  Some residents have lived in the Mapleaf from a few weeks to more than a year, depending on space available and goals for transition to independent living.

Upon graduation from Mapletree, some residents may be eligible for MAP (Mapletree Aftercare Program). When kids are in the MAP Program, Mapletree staff finds appropriate housing, secures a lease, and extends transitional services with support from their home county. MAP provides support for living expenses, educational goals, employment goals, therapeutic services, health care needs, budgeting, and a successful transition to independent living.