Open Positions


Program Assistant

Program Assistants provide our overnight staffing. They are awake at night and responsible for covering one to four 10 hour shifts each week (10-40 hours). Shifts begin while the boys are still up and active, allowing interaction with the boys as well as the daytime staff.


Successful candidates for the Program Assistant position will have some college experience and some experience working with youth. A high level of reliability and sense of responsibility is essential.  

This position is compatible with students that are interested in working part time while going to school. The Program Assistant should have ample time during night shifts to fulfill program responsibilities and still have time for studies. Mapletree staff  have access to cable TV and high-speed Internet.

Experienced Program Assistants are eligible to fill daytime shifts and could be considered for future openings for an Adolescent Counselor position.

Case Manager

Case Managers report to the Assistant Director and, in cooperation and consultation with other staff, are responsible for case supervision of assigned residents.

Key responsibilities include the development and implementation of placement plans for residents and communication with other placement team members: (i.e. probation officers, social workers, teachers, therapists, employers, and parents).

This is a salaried position that may require more than forty hours per week.  This position requires substantial experience and a four-year college degree, preferably in the human services.

House Manager

This position is responsible for maintenance and repairs to the Mapletree House and Property.

Qualified individuals will have an understanding of basic home repairs such as minor sheetrock patching and spackling; sink, shower and toilet fixes; and door replacement.

Anticipated work load is approximately 10 to 15 hours per week.

Hiring Policy

All Mapletree staff must be able to pass background checks conducted by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), and cooperate with drug screens. A valid drivers license is also required.  


How to Apply

Please email resumes through the contact us page, using OPEN POSITIONS as the first portion of your subject line.

Resume & Interview Guidelines